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Formation was designed to meet all your professional needs in an elevated work environment. Channel the winning business tradition of the Dallas Cowboys and the Jones Family at Formation. Inspired by and located steps from the Dallas Cowboys World Headquarters, Formation offers unique amenities in an elevated work experience at The Star in Frisco.

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Executives on-the-go will enjoy this enhanced membership as a complement to an existing primary or home office, while also delivering on the needs of a transient executive needing a secondary office location or a place to host meetings.

Field Formation

Access to an open and shared workspace in an elevated environment that maximizes collaboration and creativity while creating curated interactions with other members.

Fixed Formation

Enjoy a niche of privacy combined with the energy of a collaborative work environment at a dedicated desk. A select number of dedicated desks allow members to enjoy the benefits of open plan work and the consistency of a reserved location.

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Formation is huddled in the heart of the Star in Frisco

The Star is the unique business creation of the Jones Family, who have invited fans of both business and sport to share the Cowboys home field advantage in ways previously never even imagined.

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